Andreas Hougaard Laustsen: Using Youth as a Competitive Edge

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Andreas Hougaard Laustsen: Using Youth as a Competitive Edge

You will never earn such little money as when you are young so you can “afford” to be an entrepreneur. You will have a lot of fun and learn how to fail.

Andreas Hougaard Laustsen is founder of both biotech companies Biosyntia and Venomab. Alongside this, he is pursuing a PhD within Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen. Andreas has won numerous startup competitions Intel Business Challenge Europe and Cleantech Open, the Danish Entrepreneurship awards.


  • Andreas shares how his dad starting a biotech company 13 yrs ago instilled biotech entrepreneurship in him. He is a highly educated and very accomplished 25 year old who has much to share about how youth can be used as a competitive edge in building a business.

  • It can be a challenge to get support when you are a young entrepreneur.

  • US & Silicon Valley embraces youthful entrepreneurs.

  • Why should u be entrepreneur when young? You will never earn such little money as when you are young so you can “afford” to be an entrepreneur. You will have a lot of fun and learn how to fail.

  • A benefit of being a young entrepreneur is that many people want to help you to advance.

  • Andreas shared that he previously overlooked differences in communication styles which caused one of his team members to feel badly when in fact he was extremely pleased with her work. This is an important aspect to be aware of.

  • Always try to excel in whatever projects you are engaged in. If you are known for always delivering and being positive you will be able to work with the right people at the end of the day.

  • Being great requires hard work. You never get anywhere without a minimum of hard work.

  • It is important to stay visionary when you are young.

  • Tell a compelling story.
  • Focus, then when you see that others can do well without you, you can withdraw where it makes sense.

  • A habit Andreas shares that contributes to his success is to get tasks done fully right away.

  • Try to stay visionary. Keep an open mind. Don’t be to critical when you encounter new ideas. Be proactive and reach out to people.

  • After the interview, Andreas and I had a great chat. He mentioned Spiderman's quote “with great power comes great responsibility”. He encourages young people to keep their dreams and not to get distracted with the alluring benefits or salaries of companies that would lead them away from those dreams. Many times, hard working people lose a bit of their vision because they grow up into the system that teaches to be critical and get attracted to burning good money.

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