Carol Whitaker: Living Life on Purpose

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Carol Whitaker: Living Life on Purpose

Fulfill your destiny by design, and not by default.

Carol Whitaker is the author of "Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams". Carol is a highly sought after Happiness Expert, Life Transformation Expert and Lifestyle Fitness Mentor, she is well-known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is dedicated to empowering men and women around the world to love and believe in themselves fully. Carol is a Media Expert and Motivational Speaker and Mentor, she is passionate about inspiring and motivating people all over the globe to become empowered to enable them to manifest the life and body of their dreams.


  • "I decided that I didn't want to live this way anymore."
  • Turn to God for help.
  • Create your life deliberately, rather than by default.
  • Become an Intentional being.
  • Take inspired action daily.
  • Have a purpose in your heart and mind.
  • Love who you are.
  • Let go of yesterday.
  • You cannot move forward if you do not know your purpose. You can't know your purpose if you're stifled with limiting beliefs, doubts, anger or fear.
  • You do not have to carry those things anymore.
  • Reprogram your beliefs, which will turn into habits, which will turn into your reality.
  • People hold on to things and use them as an excuse. If you can let those things go, it liberates you to achieve.
  • Look for the life lessons to be learned in the "negative" experiences in your life.
  • Life is meant to be joyful, prosperous, and full of life.
  • Failure is a key part to success.
  • If you don't have those experiences, you'll never have anything to make you dream and strive harder.
  • Stay laser focused on the end result that you'd like to create!
  • Tips for Success:
    • Wake up with gratitude.
    • Don't wake up with Negativity.
    • If you believe that you can do it, you can.
    • Everything you have around you, is the manifestation of your belief system within.
    • The more you can be positive, and see the world you want it to be, the more you will be able to create that world on purpose.
    • Honor Your Truth. (Finding your authentic self.) When you start to love who you are, accept and believe in yourself, you will create new relationships with people who will make you a better person, because they feel like a better person being around you.
    • Overcoming fear of Failure: In other words, fear of the unknown. Start believing in yourself. Faith always overpowers fear. The more faith you have in your creative powers, the stronger your new belief system will be. Soon the fear of failure will be overwritten by your new belief system.
  • Write down all the things that cause you to have limiting beliefs about yourself on the left right of the paper. On the right side, write down the truth about the situation. Then throw the left side away, and write down the positive attributes about yourself on the back side. 
  • Trust the process.
  1. Know your truth
  2. Know what you want. What does success mean to you?
  3. Take actions around that image.
  4. Be positive.
  5. Give thanks daily.
  6. Give.
  • Everything you desire, was meant for you.
  • Prosperity is a means to make good in the world.
  • Fulfill your destiny by design, and not by default.
  • Love and Believe in yourself!

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