How to Choose the Right Co-Founder

You’ve got a brilliant idea for a new company that you’re itching to start but you realize you can’t do it alone. For whatever reason—contacts, experience, financing, etc.—you’re looking for a co-founder to join you on your entrepreneurial journey. But there are two questions: how do you do that and what do you look for?…


What A Lifetime In The Ring Taught Me About Success

“Most people don’t realize that the struggles that seem to consume our lives are almost never one-time events that magically appear on their own.” I had been sparring intensely for 12-rounds. The final bell went, and dripping with sweat, I collapsed to the floor. “That was a really tough opponent” I thought as I began…


Why Omni Channel is Important to Your Customer Attribution Model

There’s a lot of professional chatter on customer engagement and the customer journey. A customer journey map has emerged as the preferred method to visualize the touchpoints a potential customer experiences with your brand as they move from introduction to adoption. Journey maps are useful in understanding and optimizing around these milestones and then developing…


How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

“Looking at the big picture when it comes to how far you’ve come will help you stay focused.” This one kind of seems like a no-brainer, right? You’ve left the 9-5, you’re not being told what to do by “The Man,” you’re following a dream you’re passionate about so motivation should be easy, yes? The…


Reasons to Attend Founders Weekend

It’s August and that means Founders Weekend 2016 is just around the corner! In addition to learning from our amazing speakers, I thought you might want to hear a few other reasons to attend the Largest Entrepreneurial Conference in Southern Utah. Networking – This event will give you a chance to rub shoulders with some…


Founders Weekend – Keynote Speaker – Peter C. Horan

Outlier is proud to announce Peter C. Horan as a Keynote Speaker for Founders Weekend, September 2016. Read more about Peter below. “Peter C. Horan is an entrepreneur and digital media investor with a history of building successful media, commerce and ad technology businesses. In February of 2014, Peter formed Horan MediaTech Advisors as an…


Motivation Tips from the Best Sales People 

The best sales people are entrepreneurial, and entrepreneurs have to be great at selling. Every new B2B sales process is a little like starting a new company – you have to start from zero, build relationships, pour your heart and soul into it, and work through the various stages of growth, all while keeping yourself…


Traits of Successful Outlier Entrepreneurs

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must think outside the box. The most successful entrepreneurs of our day didn’t follow the beaten path or conform to the norm. Instead they created their own path to success and didn’t care what others thought or said because they knew deep down inside that they were on to…

How to establish yourself as a thought leader using social media

How To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader Using Social Media

As a thought leader, you are considered an expert in your particular field or industry and are looked upon as someone with influence. Not only does establishing yourself as a thought leader take work and commitment, but it also entails knowing about the various social media platforms and which ones work best for your message….

Persistance is key-2

Persistence is Key

For the new year, one of the items on my vision board is to keep a journal. I have been persistent in doing so and it has changed the way I view things on a daily basis, the way I think, and even the way I do business. I have never kept a journal before,…