Ezra Winter- Taking Over the World with Social Media

“Treat your content like a comedian and treat your growth strategy like a business person.” – Ezra Winter About: Ezra Winter- Writer and Social Media Professional Overview: Ezra is a social media and digital marketing professional who writes about his work and interviews interesting people in the field. He consults with companies and helps them boost…

John Jenkins- Driving Tech Entrepreneurs Forward

About: John Jenkins-Sr. IEM & Special Projects Manager for Intel The following interview was conducted at the StartSLC conference in SLC, Utah January 29 & 30, 2015 Overview: John Jenkins is a tech representative for Intel. He primarily focuses on the startup tech community. He is here to find ways to support the startup community…


Emma Ponsonby – Building an Empire

“We build businesses, we sell businesses, and we do it in a way that our businesses operate with a very high standard of integrity. Our businesses all focus on making a positive change in someway in the world, and also helping people fulfill their dreams.” – Emma Ponsonby About: Emma Ponsonby- Founder of Emperia Ventures…


Bradley Joyce – A True Definition of Entrepreneur

“Even if you’re not trying to be a high-growth company, it’s hard [being an entrepreneur], it’s a roller coaster. You go through crazy highs and crazy lows.” – Bradley Joyce About: Bradley Joyce- Founder of Velocis, SocialyzerHQ, and Launch DFW Overview: Bradley Joyce is the true definition of being an Outlier. During this interview, he…


Andrew Dumont- Entrepreneur At Work

“Once you get into early stage companies, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else.”   “It’s a hard road, there’s a lot of days when I wake up and think, “Man I wish I could just go work for a big company and cash a check and I’d be fine,” but it’s just not the…


Utah’s Largest Grassroots Startup Festival – SartSLC

In just three short weeks, on Jan. 29-31, the largest tech and startup event in Utah’s history kicks-off. Utah’s startup and tech community is coming together to host a three-day festival of events at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. We need your help to make it great. StartSLC is a unique mash-up of…


Bridge Thinking

Bridges have always intrigued me. Even since I was a child, I would spot bridges and beg my parents to change their route in order to go over the biggest ones. My favorite bridge right now is the Navajo Bridge at the Grand Canyon. It reminds me a lot of my Grandfather. This bridge made…


Don’t Fake It

We’ve all heard the advice, “fake it until you make it”. While the underlying message to this phrase is meant to be inspiring us to jump out of our comfort zones and take risks to achieve our “made it” definition I can’t help but argue that “faking it” is the wrong message. If your partner…


How Can This Image Make You More Money? (It’s Not What You Think!)

It actually has to do with aligning your sales process with your customer’s buying process. Have you ever caught yourself in a routine? I recently realized that my day-to-day activities are far more dictated by habits and routines than even I realized. Last month I was at the rec. center for my daily swim session….


Christopher Gavigan – The Honest Company

“I always say once you know, you can’t unknow,”              When Christopher Gavigan met Jessica Alba at the 2008 People Magazine launch party for his book, he had little idea that the foundation of a new and game-changing company had just been laid.              Gavigan’s…