How to be Confident in Business

At some point every entrepreneur feels the effects of “imposter syndrome.” We are suddenly struck with the idea that we are not quite good enough to be doing what we are doing. Instead of repeating “fake it ‘til you make it” to ourselves, let’s do something real about our self- confidence. Here are five ways…


Mobile Tech News Served Up Hot

Podcast: Play in new window | Play in iTunes | Play in Stitcher “I never really though of mobile devices being controlled by IT, but that’s the exact route that Google is using.” Are you walking around with a shattered iPhone screen because you would rather wait for the new one rather than repair it?…


All Sapphire iPhone 6?

In May, we talked about Apple investing over a half billion dollars in a different material to protect the displays and other components on iPhones. I use the term “different” because sapphire lens covers are not a new technology. They have been around for decades in defense systems like drones and satellites, and are used…


Entrepreneur’s “Schedule”

One of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to create my own schedule.  Every day is different.  I deal with meetings, lunch appointments, to-do lists, and challenges that don’t always fit into a pre-determined time frame.  I’m good with that.  However, I’ve discovered it’s still important to maintain some…


Ramblings of an Outlier

It’s funny how things just come to you late at night: what you wish you’d said to a cynic, what a waste of time all of 11th grade was, how you should have handled that one client eight years ago, where you left your sunglasses.  You know, all the really profound things.  For this informal…


How to Shine As an Introvert in the Business World

Being in business, especially for yourself, generally requires a fair amount of social interaction.  You work with partners, investors, clients, customers, and the public in an effort to bring your company in line with your goals.  That being the case, it would seem that someone with an outgoing, extroverted personality would have the upper hand. …


Startup Travel Hacks

Our recent expedition to Los Angeles for Outlier On Air got me thinking about travel and the Startup lifestyle.  There are times when those two things don’t seem to fit together.  An entrepreneur’s budget doesn’t always allow for expensive hotels, five-star meals, and a luxury ride.  Sometimes you feel lucky if you manage to score…

sapphire screen

Sapphire Display Protection: Going All-In

Sapphire Protected Displays: Going All-In Apple is heavily invested in sapphire display technology. Because of the advantages it brings to consumer tech, Apple has taken very deliberate and investment intensive steps to ensure their sapphire display initiative meets their philosophy of Supply Chain superiority. Only now are competitors like Samsung and LG considering the logistics…

Dominique Piotet - Rebellion Lab

Dominique Piotet – Outlier Visits Rebellion Lab

“What makes us different? Us! We…are different.” Dominique Piotet is the Owner and Chief Rebel at Rebellion Lab, a digital strategy consulting company. Dominique gives us a behind the scenes look at his team and introduces us to the international flair, different way of thinking, and the services his business offers. Rebellion Lab prides itself…


The Minimalist Guide to Crafting a Great Elevator Speech

Do you get tongue-tied when someone asks the question, “What do you do?” I used to flounder in this situation. Then I discovered three simple secrets that gave me confidence in any situation. But before sharing my secrets, I want to let you in on a few things not to do: Don’t be generic and…