Ep 378: Chris and Jennifer Suiter Interview – True Love Entrepreneurs

"As an entrepreneur...look for mentors and look for support" - Jennifer Suiter

Chris & Jennifer Suiter - True Love Skin Care

Jennifer Suiter - Jennifer grew up on the beaches of San Clemente & San Juan Capistrano, California. The oldest of 6 kids, Jennifer's always been a natural mom & caretaker. Now with 5 kids of her own, she has discovered the best way to take care of people is with her amazing skincare products that are changing lives. With her husband and business partner, she recently moved to the country in Santaquin UT, where they enjoy the view, being surrounded by 100's of acres of beautiful cherry orchards, all while they cultivate their skincare empire.

Chris Suiter - A serial entrepreneur, Chris has finally discovered the ultimately business partner - his wife. Chris joined his wife's company in Jan 2016, and has loved every minute of running the business side of things, leaving R&D and sales to his genius wife. Growing up as a military brat for the first 18 years of his life, Chris had traveled the world before graduating high school. And this nomadic wandering has continued, dragging his wife & 5 kids to a dozen cities over 20 years. However, Chris couldn't imagine a better permanent home base than northern Utah for nurturing their fast-growing company.


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Paige Sevier
Paige Sevier

Paige is a small town girl from a quaint, little town in Northwestern Montana. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a love for all things innovative. Paige graduated with a degree from Dixie State University in Human Communications. She’s crazy about organization and an open communication line. She is happily married to her long time high school sweetheart and a new mom to a sweet baby boy. Her hobbies include: base jumping, one-handed rock climbing, swimming with piranhas, and anything else that is extreme…well, this may or may not be true. But one thing is for certain- she aims for perfection, even if it’s dangerous!