Ep 395: Luke Sabis Interview – Filmmaker and Musician

"I learned to be a little more patient" - Luke Sabis

Luke Sabis - Filmmaker 

Luke Sabis is a filmmaker and musician. He has just released his debut feature film, the drama/thriller Missing Child, available on Amazon. He is currently working on his next feature film, Ghost Tenant.

Luke was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY. He graduated from St. John's University with a degree in Computer Science. Early in his adult life he worked as a Computer Programmer by day, and pursued his musical dreams at night with his band, “The Take.” He wrote and played original Rock songs, showcasing at clubs such as CBGB's, The Bitter End and Kenny's Castaways. Luke continued his stage career as an actor on the Off Off Broadway stages of New York City, including a stint with the Curan Repertory Company, led by Ken Terrell.

Connect with Luke:

Website | Facebook | Web Series

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