Ep 397: Todd Nevins Interview – Go Hunt Life

"I want to inspire one million people that are disheartened in their current careers or life path to make the gutsy decision to change it." Todd Nevins

Todd is the Founder of CLICKPlacement, an AdWords agency working with startups, small businesses and non-profits. He's also the Host of the Go Hunt Life podcast and explores stories of people that pulled the ripcord on the normal, safe path in life to embark on the unknown journey. 

He is nearing his own ripcord moment as him, his wife and their English Bulldog embark on a permanent road trip through Mexico in pursuit of adventure off of the beaten path while they run their online businesses from anywhere.

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Paige Sevier
Paige Sevier

Paige is a small town girl from a quaint, little town in Northwestern Montana. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a love for all things innovative. Paige graduated with a degree from Dixie State University in Human Communications. She’s crazy about organization and an open communication line. She is happily married to her long time high school sweetheart and a new mom to a sweet baby boy. Her hobbies include: base jumping, one-handed rock climbing, swimming with piranhas, and anything else that is extreme…well, this may or may not be true. But one thing is for certain- she aims for perfection, even if it’s dangerous!