Ep 398: Melinda Wittstock Interview – Return on Authenticity

"I empower women entrepreneurs with the mindset, mojo, and money to grow successful business." Melinda Wittstock

If you want a profitable return from all those social media posts, shares, pins and Tweets, talk to Melinda.

Melinda’s predictive social intelligence company Verifeed generates and measures your ROA™ - that is, your Return on Authenticity™ so you can genuinely connect with your customers and scale your growth by any metric, be it traffic, conversions, revenue, even company valuation.

A serial entrepreneur and an award-winning technology innovator and journalist, Melinda knows how to harness #failforward entrepreneurial learning into valuable, scalable opportunities for business and personal growth. Melinda launched her first ”business“ when she was 5, earning $100 getting neighbors to pre-pay for her ”show“. Verifeed is her fourth business, in a career that has also won her numerous awards as a correspondent on the Times of London, a TV news anchor (ABC, BBC, MSNBC), and the founder of Capitol News Connection and NewsiT.

She is a single mom with two great kids and a golden retriever, and a believer in all things meditation, mindfulness and gratitude.

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Paige Sevier
Paige Sevier

Paige is a small town girl from a quaint, little town in Northwestern Montana. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a love for all things innovative. Paige graduated with a degree from Dixie State University in Human Communications. She’s crazy about organization and an open communication line. She is happily married to her long time high school sweetheart and a new mom to a sweet baby boy. Her hobbies include: base jumping, one-handed rock climbing, swimming with piranhas, and anything else that is extreme…well, this may or may not be true. But one thing is for certain- she aims for perfection, even if it’s dangerous!