Gerome Sapp: True Ambition

Gerome is a high achiever, yet his authenticity and heart bring him to a human level that we all can identify with.
Meet the Master of Ambition, Gerome Sapp!  A former football player for Notre Dame and the NFL, Sapp is also a graduate of Notre Dame and Harvard Business School as well as a successful entrepreneur. Sapp gets personal as he shares his life's struggles and triumphs. From doing homework by candlelight as a child, supported by a single mom who made education a priority, to life in the NFL and his successful business ventures.  In this exclusive Outlier interview, Sapp openly shares what fuels the ambition that has led to his high level of success.
  • Despite his many achievements, Sapp never attached football to his true identity.
  • Stay positive, be persistent, and see it through!
  • Know weaknesses and understand where you fit in the market.  This provides clarity
  • "Life is a Beautiful Struggle"

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