James Lopez: Building a Supporting Cast of Mentors

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"Hey, closed mouths do not get fed"

I think he just said that "Gary Vaynerchuck is the Jay-Z or the Puffy of the media world." This is a fun energetic listen that really gives some great insight to finding mentors and making introductions,  even if you are not an entrepreneur in the music business. James shares with Melinda how hard it was to let go of his great corporate job with Random House and how he has learned from people he never thought he could meet.


  • How to make introductions
  • Startup Weekend
  • Random House, Inc
  • Hip Hop & Tech
  • Putting things out to the world

Take Away

"One of my biggest failures in life was believing in myself. Believing in my abilities and believing that I could figure it out." -James Lopez

"Hey, the world is yours and it's really up to you with what you do with it" -James Lopez

"That's always the next step, how to you expand the foundation." - James Lopez



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Melinda Yeaman

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