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Fulfillment is giving and caring and being here for other people.

**Don't miss the special offer below for all our Outlier listeners** JV Crum III is a best selling author and business coach. He is an enrepreneur, investor, attorney, speaker, visionary strategist, and Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute which is an entrepreneur training, coaching, and wealth product business.

A self-made millionaire by his mid-20’s, he holds an MBA, JD and masters in psychology. He is a speaker on entrepreneurial success, conscious business, and youth leadership. He’s also the Director of Conscious World Foundation, a non-profit that provides global leadership training which will have its first Conscious World Day on June 21.


  • JV tells the story of how he saved his father's life-long business and made his first million in the process. He shares the pursuit of his true passion and fulfillment which followed and which brought him to a key "ah ha" moment.
  • The book Conscious Millionaire is a labor of love written over seven times over seven years. JV breaks it down and explains the action-packed book with interactive follow-up steps throughout and plenty of online resources to guide the reader through their journey of becoming a millionaire.
  • Finding your true north begins with asking yourself, "How can I take what I was and go out into the world and make a difference?".
  • There are 3 components to finding your true north:
  1. Discover what it is that you are deeply passionate about. (Clue: your whole heart is connected.)
  2. Define your purpose. (Identify differences you want to make in the world.)
  3. Identify your natural strengths. (1-3 things you can do in your sleep that you do at a high level of accuracy/acumen.)
  • Create a palette of 3-5 values.
  • Attract people that are totally excited and energized.
  • Inside-Out Way of building a business: find out who you are and do a lot of traditional good business.
  1. Define how much profit you want to make in a year.  (Where do I want to be 3 years from now? 5 years?)
  2. Define the people you do/do not want to work with.  (Pay, background, interests / clients and internal.)
  3. Survey people, find out about them, find avatar (ideal customer), find out how you can be of service to them in the way that matters to them.

ConsciousWorld.org - Founded to help create the next generation of worldwide conscious leaders. Looking for those 6 - 25 years old who are making a difference. Those chosen will be honored on June 21st, which will also inspire others.

Soon to come: The Conscious Millionaire Zen

Parting Guidance:

“If you miss your real journey, you miss your real life” - Quote from chapter one of Conscious Millionaire

It’s about finding that authentic journey.

To find your authentic journey:
  1. Define what ideal life looks like.
  2. Describe you ideal business 3 years from now.

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Melinda Yeaman

Melinda Yeaman is an online marketing veteran of 15 yrs who unplugged from her corporate career path to become an entrepreneur and to live an authentic, passionate life. Her experience in graphic & web design, e-commerce, social and tech enables her to fuel success in her own brands as well as those of her clients and associates. As Co-founder of Outlier Magazine, Melinda hosts the Outlier On Air podcast and YouTube Series, where she interviews entrepreneurs from all over the world. She can be found Vlogging about local start-ups, planning Outlier's next move with her partners, helping other businesses with digital strategy, training others on branding and social media, or coloring on the white boards at St. George's co-working space, Outlier Labs. Family is Melinda’s driving force. Adventure, travel, art, culture and diversity add wind to her sails.