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Christopher Walker

Christopher is the Editor @ and professional model in New York City. He has a degree in Neuroscience from Duke University and is co-founder of Foster, a native mobile social network on both Android & iOS platforms. Christopher is currently collaborating with several other bloggers on ambitious projects. He enjoys eating chicken wings, anything with bacon in it, and coffee.    

Welcome to Capital Network Magazine, we’re excited to have you here. Why don’t you introduce yourself and include something that can’t be found in your public bio. What’s your story?

Well, I’ve lived all over the USA. Born in San Diego, CA with military parents, we’ve been blessed with seeing some awesome places. Monterey, CA is my favorite by far but I’ve lived in Northern VA growing up, as well as NC, NY, NJ, and even Fort Lauderdale, FL for a little while. My father is a Marine, which I’m very thankful for, because he instilled a tenacious work ethic in my siblings and I from a young age. It’s what’s allowed us to accomplish quite a lot in a rather short amount of time. Distilling my story is quite a task, but I’ll just say that I’m fortunate to have lived a thoroughly interesting life, which is something a lot of people cannot say at age 23. A small taste of some of the cool opportunities I’ve been blessed with are: performing a surgical bladder stone removal of a man in Mexico, taking a disruptive & exciting tech startup to market, meeting for an hour and a half with the head of the CAA, flying a chopper over San Francisco, and competing in National Championships in triathlon & duathlon, among many other things.  

Tell us about How did you come up with this idea and what’s your motivation behind it? is my current passion project. Coming from a startup background, I’m approaching it with longevity and strategy in mind. However, above all else, is meant to help absolutely everyone who reads it. The purpose is to use everything I’ve learned over the years in elite athletics and my neuroscience studies and package & present a simple, but comprehensive, approach to fitness as a piece of an individual’s entire lifestyle, not just a vacuum element. Most people make the mistake of thinking of their health and fitness as separate from their everyday life. It’s not. This is a huge mistake. Your life is a system and your health is the most important investment you can make in life. It affects everything else. Much of my advice flies in the face of traditional fitness industry standards: and that’s how you know I’m telling the truth. I’m not marketing. This is really high-quality advice. And it gets results.  

You spent some time at Duke University and co-founded Neurogenesis: The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience. Give us a little more insight into this project and what you hope to accomplish with it?

Yes, Neurogenesis is a project that a group of us neuroscience majors undertook my Junior year. We noticed that there really was no definitive resource for undergraduate neuroscience research. So we made one. Believe it or not, undergraduate students tend to put out some of the more interesting studies because they’re not yet influenced by the pressure of the university funding system and job security. They just pursue things with no reservations or expectations. And the results usually turn out to be super cool. I’m no longer currently involved with the project as I’m several years out of college now and super busy with other things, but the team running it currently is chock-full of some of the most intelligent and hardworking people I’ve ever met: both students and professors. Duke’s Neuroscience department is outstanding in all capacities and interdepartmental studies so I’ve no doubt they’ll continue putting out the best content well into the future.  

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

1. Tenacity seriously, you need to work your ass off and never stop. It’s not about working four hours a week; it’s about putting in years of 80+ hour weeks until you get where you need to go. Then you can sit on a beach after you’ve arrived. I’m not there yet.

2. Intelligence by saying this I don’t mean raw IQ. Entrepreneurial intelligence is completely different. A successful entrepreneur lives and dies by their ideas. They breathe it. They ruthlessly study anything and everything that will get them where they need to go. It’s a delicate combination of street smarts, business savvy, and raw intelligence, but it’s also got a lot to do with the capacity to learn a lot in short periods of time.

3. Disdain for Mediocrity this is what pushes successful entrepreneurs to take enormous risks and never stop until they achieve excellence. It’s almost like a fear: you fear being average or normal. When everyone else is content sitting in a cubicle until they die, you’re out in the world, constantly pushing your comfort zone, and failing a lot. But you learn from it all and continue pushing relentlessly ahead.


How would you define success? Have you achieved it?

I have and I haven’t. I have achieved success in that I’ve made the decision to always pursue that which I am passionate about. I know I will die a happy man, having lived a full life: poor or wealthy. On the other hand, I haven’t yet achieved the other side of success in that I’ve not yet reached the financial, intellectual, and location independence that I hope to achieve in life. This takes serious time and lots of hard work but I’ve no doubt I’ll reach it one day.  

Describe/outline your typical day?

Currently my typical day is completely atypical, which is something I hope to change over the coming months, bringing things into a little more predictable balance. Several days a week I’m driving up and down the East Coast as I lay the groundwork for success in several projects. I spend a large amount of my day either writing or planning for NoGym, as well as collaborating with three other bloggers on separate projects. We’re all very driven and ambitious so this takes up a lot of time and energy, but I love it: there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now. I also go on lots of castings as a model. Have done some very cool ones lately with Givenchy and Cosmo. Lots of experiences!  

You turned down several scholarships to play baseball, any regrets?

I’d be lying if I said I don’t regret it sometimes. Every young kid wants to be that major league pitcher. But it was the right thing to do at the time so there’s no looking back. I can actually throw a lot harder now than I could back then so maybe I’ll keep that option in my back pocket, right next to the Big League Chew: I hear some MLB teams hold open tryouts ;)  

What keeps you motivated?

Like I mentioned earlier, the fear of mediocrity. I also have the insatiable desire to be great at everything I do. It’s not cocky; it’s just how I am.  

You’re available for consultation and speaking engagements, what can one expect from you if booked?

I speak on several different topics ranging from my own story, specifically how I overcame a debilitating brain tumor in college, reversing its effects without medication. I also have an opinion on just about anything related to entrepreneurship and interpersonal relationships in both business and everyday life. I love rousing people to take steps that matter: to stop worrying about minutiae and start focusing on the big, most effective ways to facilitate real, lasting change in your life. In terms of consultations, I work with individuals who are looking to lose body fat and healthily reach that ideal physique, the body they’ve always wanted. We work in a way that brings them into hormonal balance and teaches them how to easily maintain their progress after the consultation period, which is what’s really important in the long run.  

What other entrepreneurs do you admire the most?

a. Brian Zoubek of Dreampuffz - he’s one of my closest friends and an absolute inspiration. I freakin’ love this guy. Don’t know if he knows how much I look up to him but he’s taught me so much as we grew through Foster together then Dreampuffz, the best damn creampuff bakery in the United States.

Brian epitomizes living as an entrepreneur. He breathes his business. And he’s got such a tight control on his brand management. He’s so impressive and his product is ridiculously good. If you’re ever in South Jersey or Philly you’ve got to check out Dreampuffz; they’re outstanding.

b. Hudson Duan of Radius - Hud’s another one of my closest friends and he’s one of the hardest working people I know. Some people may not believe me because Hud’s one of those guy’s who is just so relaxed all the time, you’d never guess he’s a beast worker. But when it comes to grinding those long hard hours, he’s your man and he’ll always deliver outstanding work.

He’s currently the Mobile Lead at Radius, in my opinion, the most engaging and useful locationbased applications on the market. They’re out in Silicon Valley & just launched so check them out.

c. Corbett Barr of - Corbett has taught me so much about what it means to be a blogger that matters. I took his course and the advice has never steered me wrong. His presence is utterly positive and encouraging. He’s one of those guys that just gives and gives. He’s the kind of blogger I strive to be like one day.

d. Mike Geary of TruthAboutAbs - This guy is a beast. He has set up the most impressive monetization system I’ve ever seen online... and it’s revenue/cash heavy, unlike traditional tech startups who pray for VC money then pray even harder for an acquisition before they get diluted out. On top of his outstanding system, Mike gives sound nutrition advice and sells a highquality product something MOST other internet marketers do not do. He treats his customers and affiliates like gold and it shows in his monthly sales.

e. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income - Pat’s the man. He’s so honest and open and transparent about his business you just can’t help but love the guy. He’s also set up an incredible affiliate system through honesty, which is so admirable and something so few people can actually achieve.

I love Pat’s podcast and blog. Like Corbett, he just gives and gives and gives.


If you had one superpower what would it be? Why?

Hmm, it’d probably have to be the uncanny ability to play any and all music by ear. That’d be cool. Chicks love musicians ;)  

What’s next for you? What do you see yourself doing with the next ten years of your life?

Oh big question! Well, lots of stuff haha. I’d love to do some modeling overseas for the experience. Never been to Europe so I’m looking forward to that. I also want to get a Master’s degree in Computer Science then possibly work in network security for a little while so I can gain a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of computer systems/networks. I’ve also been thinking about med school. My brother and I are throwing around the idea of becoming plastic surgeons then building an empire of kick-ass plastics practices in Los Angeles. We also wrote a couple screenplays we’re trying to sell to a studio so that’d be awesome. I hope to build a great presence online and be able to help thousands or millions of people eventually take control of their health and fitness in the healthiest ways possible, maintaining their progress indefinitely.  

Sell us on why we should check out is a definitive no BS resource for anything and everything related to improving your fitness through psychology and proper training. I’ve tested everything on myself and it all works. Stop wasting your time with the noise. NoGym is the signal. Oh yes, I also wrote a book “No Gym, Perfect Body” that I give away for free to all of my subscribers. You’d pay for it elsewhere but my readers mean so much to me; it’s an outstanding resource.  

What’s your favorite food?


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