Ramblings of an Outlier

It’s funny how things just come to you late at night: what you wish you’d said to a cynic, what a waste of time all of 11th grade was, how you should have handled that one client eight years ago, where you left your sunglasses.  You know, all the really profound things.  For this informal article, I’ve decided to put all my late-night epiphanies into word form so perhaps you can benefit from them if you’ve run out of your own.

  • If you’re going to quit and walk out of a job, then quit big.  Don’t just burn the bridge, BLOW IT UP.  But, be prepared for the fall-out that comes after.  Some things can’t be reclaimed from the incinerator.
  • In direct opposition to the above, learn to be measured or else you’ll end up jumping off a cliff just for the sake of the jump.  Take your time in deciding if the juice is worth the squeeze otherwise you may hit rock bottom and find there’s absolutely nothing there but dirt.
  • Diet Dr Pepper DOES NOT taste just like regular Dr Pepper.
  • Whenever possible, drive with the windows down.  The wind helps to rearrange all those life decisions you’re stuck on.
  • If you find you feel lost in life, make a list of the priorities you’re currently living.  The one consuming most of your time is the one that absorbs most of your thoughts.  It’s easy to get lost in those things or people you spend the most time with so make sure they’re really going to take you where you want to go.
  • The road less traveled is freaking awesome!
  • Daughters really do win a father’s heart and sons really do help in reclaiming a father’s youth.  But as a father, your age brings the wisdom to help you know what to do with both.
  • Dogs are better than cats.  Period.
  • If you hate your boss, join the crowd.  As the employee it’s always easier to say what the boss should have done than to be the boss and actually do it.  You discover that when you quit working for someone there’s no one else to blame but yourself.
  • Marry the feisty one. Never a dull moment.
  • Travel as much as possible.  It opens your eyes.  Travel with your family whenever you can.  Watching your children discover the world will be an even greater source of both understanding and wonder.
  • Most of life’s lessons can be learned on the baseball field.
  • It’s true what they say about what's behind every successful man…a surprised mother-in-law.
  • Facebook should just be called TMI.
  • No matter what, quitting in life isn’t worth it.  You can re-route, re-direct, re-think, or re-plan but never, ever quit.  It defeats the soul, dims the mind, and damages the heart.  Use wisdom in re-approaching life but don’t simply give up and walk out or that door may close forever behind you.
These thoughts have all seemed pretty profound to me at one point or another in my life.  In fact, they still do.  Maybe it’s just because everything seems profound at two-thirty in the morning.
Ever Gonzalez

Co-founder & CEO @ Outlier