Ray Buttars: The 4 Keys to a Fulfilling Life

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Find Permission to Live.

Ray Buttars developed his unique perspective at an early age while growing up on a small farm in Idaho. Combining his 15 years as a banking executive and private entrepreneur, he learned the art of balancing life as a husband, father of four, and national business leader. From this invaluable insight, he knows the feeling of living a very full life that may still seem unfulfilling.  His upcoming book, Permission to Live, is a novel which tells the story of one man’s path to “filling that vacancy” which remains for so many professionals who have realized material success and have conformed to cultural norms yet still feel a hole.

Mentoring individuals who seek unrealized self-actualization, Ray teaches his tools of The Four Keys and The Master Key: concepts which can unshackle individuals, enable personal freedom,  and provide satisfaction and fulfillment, i.e., Permission to Live.


  • Ray discusses the "golden handcuffs," a situation which provides material means but does not offer fulfillment. He helps others take steps to unlock the shackles and pursue passion. Ray relates his own personal story which brought him to take a serious look at his life and makedrastic changes. Today, Ray teaches 4 Keys to a fulfilling life.
  • 4 Keys

1 - FREEDOM OF CHOICE - To not feel constrained or conform

2 - INDIVIDUAL INTUITION - Follow one's own inspiration

3 - PERPETUAL PERSONAL PROGRESS - Magnifying oneself, fulfilling the need to learn, grow and expand and be alive

4 - LOVE - Remember where our heart is

  • Common Roadblocks: Fear of judgement of others, fear of family acceptance, fear of not keeping up with the Joneses.
  • Think out loud. Find a mentor or coach.
  • Find permission to live.

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