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"Fear is only as powerful as your story" - Rodney King

Rodney King - Embodied-Growth Hacktivist | Martial Arts Coach | Full Contact Entrepreneur

What I do: I help individuals crush their inner opponent, and turn it into a weapon to excel in their life and career. I combine cutting edge modern martial arts training, with inner game tools, to help you achieve massive success in your life and career.

Bio: Until my late 20s, I felt like I had been fighting my whole life. Brought up on the south side of Johannesburg, in South African government housing (similar to “the projects” in the USA), I learned early on that what really mattered was not how smart you were, but whether you were tough enough. Growing up, I often felt trapped in a really bad nightmare — and I wanted to wake up.

But tough times build strong character, and I was determined to survive the school bullies and the mean streets of my neighborhood. That’s how I discovered martial arts, and set the course for the rest of my life. If I hadn’t started training in karate and boxing, I wouldn’t be standing today in front of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other success-minded people . . . coaching them on how to tap into their inner game.

Things turned rough in my teens. My abusive, alcoholic mother kicked me out of the house at 17 and, as a result, I never finished high school. I found myself sleeping on the streets with less than $20 in my pocket — yet today I consult with leaders of industry, train top security forces, and run my own international business. Martial arts taught me to be resilient, to embrace my fears, to develop laser-like focus, and to never give up. Having developed those qualities (I had to!), I went back to school, put myself through college, and currently completing my Ph.D in Embodied Leadership.

Over the years, I have taught special-force military operators and law enforcement officers how to develop an unstoppable mind, needed for success on the battlefield, or on city streets, and how to survive when all else fails. You see, I did wake up from that nightmare. What I learned on the mat as a martial artist, helped me not only take on those tough, mean streets of Johannesburg, but it empowered me to take on life, full throttle, and to succeed.

What I learned, and what I teach my clients today, may surprise you. Being tough is not about aggression, violence, or killer instinct. In fact, everything I teach is the complete opposite: it’s about having a Buddha mind, and a Warrior body — Zen in the midst of chaos. Most important it works! It worked for me, and it works for my clients not only on the dojo floor, but in their lives and careers. My website is not only about the hard-learned lessons that allowed me to become a successful martial artist, coach, and entrepreneur — but also how it can enable anyone (hopefully you the reader) to successfully take on the martial arts of everyday life and win.

My motto has always been: “Performance is performance” — meaning it doesn’t matter whether it is in the ring, where “performance” shows up as self-defense, in the boardroom during tough negotiations, or, indeed, at home dealing with everyday domestic challenges (I now often find myself negotiating with my teenage son).

The ingredients for successful performance — in all areas of life — transcend the situation. The “inner tools” that shape success are perennial and universal. That’s what I discovered as I struggled to survive on the mean streets, and then developed into a system to help myself and my clients thrive, as we face the inevitable challenges of today’s competitive world. This is what this website is about!

Connect With Rodney: | Facebook | @CoachRodneyKing

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Vince Choo

Rodney is a no nonsense professional who doesn’t pull his punches and will let you hear what needs to be heard (not what you want to hear) to move you out of your comfort zone and skyrocket your personal performance or to get you out of a mental rut. Highly recommended!

Matt Albanese

Performance is performance. My new mantra. Loved this interview, and as one of the trainer’s in the amazing Crazy Monkey Defense and Monkey Jits programs, I can attest to Coach Rodney King’s drive to “always do better.” He’s never content and always pushing to make these programs better not only for our clients around the world, but for us trainers as well.

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Paige Sevier
Paige Sevier

Paige is a small town girl from a quaint, little town in Northwestern Montana. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a love for all things innovative. Paige graduated with a degree from Dixie State University in Human Communications. She’s crazy about organization and an open communication line. She is happily married to her long time high school sweetheart and a new mom to a sweet baby boy. Her hobbies include: base jumping, one-handed rock climbing, swimming with piranhas, and anything else that is extreme…well, this may or may not be true. But one thing is for certain- she aims for perfection, even if it’s dangerous!