Scott Warner – Creating a Platform of Opportunities

"I believe that if you're passionate about something, you believe in it, you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, it'll work." - Scott Warner

Scott Warner, founder and CEO of Gigg believes that music inspires, motivates, transports and heals us. "Above all, it connects us", he says. Find out why Scott and his team at Gigg are dedicating their time and resources to build the tools that will help artist build their careers. Listen as he discusses building a platform that put artist first.

Scott explains how new ideas keep him up at night. They eat him alive and his "mind becomes a prison at times", he says. Some of the best ideas come in the "wee hours of the morning." As an entrepreneur, can you relate? Find out if Scott Warner considers himself a success and what it has to do with "tipping of the hat". 14723076568_fbe99b894c_b


  • Helpin artist develop their talents
  • Online competitions for stage presence
  • Giving the power back to the artist
  • Development is crucial
  • Artifact: The movie
  • Being a serial entrepreneur
  • Balancing life
  • Staying focused
  • Derek Jeter #2
  • Gigg launching their own show?


"Focus on the one thing that sets you apart from the rest." - Scott Warner   IMG_9721-600x470

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Website | @Gigg | @ScottWarner18 

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Ken Hart

I loved your interview with Scott Warner! Folks like you and Scott make the world a better, more hopeful place. And YOU, Melinda Yeaman, are SO beautiful! Thanks for the uplift . . .


Wow, thanks Ken! This was one of my favorite interviews to do. I love when people open their hearts and share what’s real. Scott is an inspiring entrepreneur, and genuinely a good person. Thanks for the complements!

Ken Hart

Beautiful to hear from you, Melinda, thank you. I’m following you on Twitter, and downloading your podcasts for my bike rides! #newfan (it’s getting bad when you start using hashtags outside of Twitter. 🙂

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