Suzanne Paulinski Interview- Starting a Movement

"Don't worry about everybody else. Don't worry about how long it's taking you. Don't worry about if someone is coming up behind you. Stay in your lane." - Suzanne Paulinski

About: Suzanne Paulinski- Founder of The Rock/Star Advocate

Overview: Suzanne has a passion for music that started at a young age. After traveling down the entrepreneurial road in the music scene, she saw the need for artists to have a "career coach," or someone who would be their advocate for success. Now, she is attempting to start a movement with her new-found company, The Rock/Star Advocate.

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Entrepreneurial Journey: Suzanne always knew she wanted to be in the music industry. She said even though she wasn't an artist herself, she knew that she wanted to work with them. In college, she attempted to create a record label with her roommate, and became a paralegal to learn how to write contracts. After trying to do work long distant with her business partner, they decided it wasn't working quite how they wanted it to and called it quits. A couple years later, she started a consulting firm, but ended up pursuing her passion helping independent music artists further their career.

The Rockstar Advocate: Suzanne started The Rock/Star Advocate about a year ago. Because it can be difficult to be heard in a business that is flooded with talent, Suzanne saw the need to aid artists in their career. As an advocate, she is there to teach musicians how to brand themselves, and how to connect with their fan base in a more genuine way. Her goal is to help them find clarity and do what they need to do to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Services Offered: Most of the programs that Suzanne offers are 3 month programs. Within that time frame, Suzanne is able to build strong relationships with her clients and teach them how to improve. Suzanne also helps artists go through contracts and negotiate what they want. However, her main focus is her 3 month program. In order for Suzanne to give her artists the amount of attention that they need, she only takes on about 10-12 people at a time. Because Suzanne's niche is so new, she offers free consultations to explain to her clients what she is really there for. Her purpose is solely to coach and train independent artists to achieve the ultimate potential.

Challenges: Suzanne has found that it is difficult to get people to understand that she is not the manager and to break the compartmentalize barrier. It's also proven a challenge to get the word out there about what she does and how she can help.

Goal: Overall, Suzanne truly wants to make the music industry more about self-care, rather than a hustle. She'd love to bring more of a compassion to the music industry that she feels is lacking. She does not want to build an empire, but to help artists help themselves. As long as she can pay her bills, and see the results of her work, she is happy to continue working this business on her own. However, Suzanne would love to start a movement, to speak at seminars, podcasts, etc, to increase awareness for the need of her services. Eventually, she'd love to have her own weekly show on YouTube.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: The most important thing she shares is not to worry about what others are doing. Stay focused on what you're doing and pace yourself. Your way is what works for you, and no one else. Take the opportunities that you want to take. Get rid of "should,", and do things the way you want to do them. Trust in the process.

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