Three Outliers You Should Know

We're fast approaching our 200th episode on our podcast, Outlier On Air and we've had the privilege of interviewing some amazing entrepreneurs. I thought I'd share the wealth a little bit and introduce you to three I think you should meet this week. Feel free to reach out to them anytime.




Katy Lynch - CEO of Techweek

Listen to her Outlier On Air Interview HERE.

Prior to Techweek, Katy was the President and Founder of SocialKaty, Inc, Chicago's largest social media marketing agency. Founded in 2010, SocialKaty exploded, offering a rich set of services to a diverse portfolio of over 60 full-time clients, including AAA, Spartan Race, Beanie Babies, O-Cedar, ServiceMaster, and Firestone Tires. In July of 2014, Katy excitedly announced the merge between SocialKaty, Inc and Manifest Digital, a Chicago-based experience design agency. This combination created one of the largest social and content marketing teams in the U.S.

Why you should know Katy:

She is the new CEO of Techweek and is bringing entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders together to a city near you.



Daniel Faggella - Founder of CLV Boost

Listen to his Outlier On Air Interview HERE.

Daniel Faggella is a recognized email marketing expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. Starting his first business in his undergraduate years, Dan began with his second business while attending the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. His expertise lies in targeted marketing strategies and exceptional attention to maximizing the ROI from email.

Why you should know Daniel:

Daniel has a passion for helping startup and existing businesses use marketing automation technology to drastically increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and drive business metrics that matter. Plus he's a Jiu Jitsu Champion.



Amber Reyngoudt - Co-Founder of Skull Ninja

Listen to her Outlier On Air Interview HERE:

Amber is a Software Engineer with years of experience in the coding field. Over the past four years, she has taken on her own venture building iPhone apps with her co-founder at Skull Ninja.

Why you should know Amber:

Because of this quote: "It may seem scary and unattainable, but if you're driven, passionate, and willing to work really hard- almost to the point of crazy- you can be successful and have what you want."

Who else should we add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach us on twitter. 





200 episodes and counting! What a treat to be introduced to so many high quality people via your show. And these three people- well, now I’m going to have to seek them for my show. Great job!


So, so inspiring to me! I’m just starting out and need all of the inspiration I can get. Thanks!

Wendy Williams

I aspire to be a major disruptor! This is a great site! GLAD I discovered it. This is an inspiring line up right here. Keep up the good work!

Wendy Williams

Great work! I listened to the podcast and the authenticity shines through! This is quality work and inspiration for entrepreneurs! Thank you…..

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